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IV research programme (FoP-IV and FoP2-IV)

Multi-annual research programmes on invalidity and disability and on the implementation of the Federal Law on Invalidity Insurance (FoP-IV and FoP2-IV)

Based on Art. 68 IVG and Art. 96 of the Ordinance on Disability Insurance (IVV), which oblige the Confederation to undertake an analysis of implementation of the law, between 2006 and 2009 the FOSI conducted a multiannual research programme on invalidity and disability and on implementation of the Federal Law on Disability Insurance (IVG). The 20 or so projects, which were conducted by 21 research teams (universities, institutes of universities of applied sciences and private research institutes), provided initial findings on the causes of invalidity, the interfaces to other social institutions and the incentives and behaviour of players in this social insurance system. Secondly, basic knowledge of invalidity for psychological reasons was acquired. Thirdly, recent measures introduced in the IVG were evaluated. A summary of the entire programme was published in spring 2011.

 However, it was hardly possible to evaluate the measures of the 4th and 5th IVG Revision as part of the FoP-IV as in most cases the impact of changes to the law can only be assessed after a significant time lag. The subsequent FoP2-IV programme continues the establishment of a knowledge base that was begun with FoP-IV by means of research and evaluation mandates. In early 2010 the Federal Department of the Interior (FDI) approved a second multiannual programme for the evaluation of implementation of the IVG (FoP2-IV) for the 2010-2015 period and granted a loan totalling 7 million Swiss francs.



Further FoP-IV studies


Further FoP-IV studies


Further FoP-IV studies




Further FoP-IV studies


Further FoP-IV studies



Further FoP-IV studies


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