Planning, Processes and Resources Division Domain

The Planning, Processes and Resources Division Domain is the service provision centre of the FSIO. It is responsible for cross-cutting commercial and logistics' activities. It is also responsible for organisational planning and provides modern management instruments.

Head: Luigi Stoppia

Personnel and Training Section

  • Personnel management (personnel recruitment and fostering staff loyalty, advice and support of staff and management, provision of information on occupational pension plan issues etc.)
  • Personnel development (advice and support, further training, development of instruments to guarantee the long-term career development of personnel)
  • Manages commercial apprentices and their instructors within the FSIO
  • Organisational development: steering and development of processes to promote culture

Head: Brigitte Rösti Forrer

Finance + Controlling Section

  • Budget and financial planning
  • Contracts: controlling of material contracts as well as cost controlling
  • Controlling of FSIO; internal control system

Head: Marc Kuster

IT Operations Section

  • Implementation of the in-house ICT strategy
  • Oversight of change and release management activities
  • Maintenance of the IT resources used by FSIO and  OPSC personnel
  • Evaluation and procurement of ICT infrastructure

Head: Bernard Züst

Information, Knowledge, Logistics Section

  • Competence center processes (cc processes): recording, modelling and analysis of business processes
  • Central Security and Logistics
  • Document and Business Administration

Head: Markus Büschi

Central Security and Logistics

  • Responsible for office security
  • Building management (works' contracts, renovations, repairs etc.)
  • Mail, courier, transportation
  • Graphic and typographical services
  • Telephone switchboard, reception
  • Documentation (enquiries, obtaining literature etc.)
  • Knowledge management

Head: Peter Wüthrich

Document and Business Administration Unit

  • Electronic documents and business management
  • Document and file management, document storage and archiving
  • Maintenance of classification system

Head: Peter Wüthrich


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