Mathematics, Analyses, Statistics and Standards Domain

The Mathematics, Analyses, Statistics and Standards Domain draws up decision-making bases for the management, supervision and further development of social security. It compiles statistical data and calculation bases, develops forecasting models and scenarios, launches and supports research and evaluation projects, and maintains and supervises information systems and data exchange processes for the first pillar.

Director: Bruno Parnisari


  • Handles mathematical and financial issues
  • Develops and implements mathematical and forecasting models
  • Calculates the financial impact of constitutional, legislative and regulatory amendments
  • Prepares annual budgets and projections for the AHV/IV/EO/EL/FL schemes
  • Draws up and monitors financial plans for the AHV/IV/EL/FL schemes in relation to the federal budget
  • Develops the actuarial bases with regard to the administration of justice, execution and supervision of the 1st and 2nd pillars

Head: Thomas Karl Friedli

Research and Evaluation

  • Commissions third parties to carry out research and evaluation projects and manages them together with the Domains responsible for the content
  • Generates the scientific bases for the social security system
  • Evaluates the general frameworks, performance, implementation and effects of social policy instruments
  • Analyses the economic and social impact of legislation
  • Publishes findings in the "Beiträge zur Sozialen Sicherheit" series and in the FSIO journal "Soziale Sicherheit"
  • Is involved in responding to parliamentary procedural requests

Head: Sabina Littmann-Wernli

Basic data and analyses

  • Prepares and analyses the statistical basic data for AHV/IV/EO/EL/FZ and occupational benefits scheme in conjunction with internal and external partners (Central Compensation Office, Federal Statistical Office)
  • Updates and analyses other statistical basic data in the context of social security
  • Conducts analyses to support projects relating to supervision, implementation and legislation
  • Edits and publishes statistics on AHV, IV, EL and FZ and "Swiss Social Insurance Statistics" as a general overview
  • Draws up the overall statement of social insurance schemes in Switzerland

Head: Michel Kolly

Standards, Information Systems and Data Exchange

  • Generates, develops and administers information-system strategic plans and portfolio management in relation to data exchange projects and assignments on behalf of FSIO management
  • Creates and administers a management cockpit for the 1st pillar information system
  • Standardises data exchange architecture and its processes
  • Acts in an advisory support capacity to strategic, specialist and technical bodies and commission secretariats
  • Drafts technical directives on information systems, specifically in relation to architecture, information security and data protection, data exchange, data content, data storage and data manipulation
  • Supervises the exchange of data between implementing bodies, and between implementing bodies and the Central Compensation Office
  • Acts in an advisory, lead and support capacity within data exchange projects

Head: Leila Lamti

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