Questions and answers about Occupational Benefit Plan

Living in Switzerland

Living in Switzerland as a foreign national: everything you need to know about entry, residence and employment.

Swiss social insurance system: Sojourn in Switzerland and departure

Information for foreign nationals: The brochure shows the basic elements of the Swiss social insurance system in the Old-Age, Survivors’ and Disability Insurance scheme (OASI/DI, 1st pillar) and in the occupational benefit plans scheme (2nd pillar). It also provides practical instructions for the preparation of a definitive departure from Switzerland.

EU/EFTA: Determination of the insurance requirement

A person who leaves Switzerland permanently after 31 May 2007 to settle in an EU or EFTA country and who seeks cash payment of his credit balance under an occupational benefit scheme must prove that he is not required to have compulsory pension disability and survivors benefit insurance in the country concerned.

Last modification 13.04.2018

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