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The old-age and survivors' insurance (OASI) and the invalidity insurance (IV) together form the 1st pillar, i.e. the state pension scheme. The pensions paid out by both schemes are intended to cover basic living costs.

The following are subject to compulsory OASI cover:

  • women and men who are gainfully employed in Switzerland, including cross-border commuters and migrant workers;
  • individuals who live in Switzerland, including children and other individuals who are not gainfully employed. The latter may include students, the disabled, pensioners and homemakers (female and male).

Switzerland’s old-age insurance system: A tried-and-tested system – in simple terms

This brochure is designed to provide you with basic information on Switzerland's old-age insurance system. It focuses on the first pillar, OASI, and on the second, occupational pension insurance, but also provides a brief summary of the third pillar, voluntary private provision.

Purpose of old-age and survivors' insurance

Old-age and survivors' insurance allows an almost independent retirement from professional life. Survivors' pensions aim to prevent families already burdened by the death of a close family member to be faced to financial hardship.

Benefits and financing

A person who has contributed to the OASI system for at least one year is entitled to claim benefits. The OASI also grants collective benefits to private charity organisations, such as Pro Senectute or Spitex, that provide assistance to the elderly.

Employer-employee agreement?

Affiliation to the social insurances?

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