Stéphane Rossini is the Director of the Federal Social Insurance Office, and as such is directly answerable to the Federal Department of Home Affairs (DHA). He ensures the coordination of all FSIO business with departmental planning and represents the FSIO, as well as the DHA in certain instances, in important interdepartmental working groups, in parliamentary advisory commissions and on international bodies. As Director, he manages and plans important reforms.

Director: Stéphane Rossini
Deputy Director: Bruno Parnisari

Directorate Staff

  • Policy planning for the FSIO and planning, coordination and management of official projects; interface to the federal department
  • Material reviews of parliamentary, cabinet and ministerial business
  • Handling of risk management

Head: Giovanna Battagliero

Business coordination unit

  • Material and administrative coordination of parliamentary, cabinet and ministerial business and preparation of official FSIO statements
  • Management of planning processes

Head: Sibylle Muster

Legal unit

  • Advises the Directorate on legal matters
  • Legislation on the Federal Law on General Provisions concerning Legislation on Social Insurances (LPGA)
  • Legal application
    • Legislation on the Federal Law on General Provisions concerning Legislation on Social Insurances (LPGA)
    • Freedom of Information Act (FoIA)
    • Federal Act on Public Procurement (PPA) Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP)
    • Ordinance on the Protection of Federal Information (IPO)
  • General legal activities and consulting

Head: Isabelle Rogg 

Communication and Language Services

  • Develops and implements information concepts and strategies.
  • Keeps the media and the public informed through press releases, media events, brochures for the general public, overviews, etc.
  • Maintains contact with the media.
  • Publishes periodicals and brochures.
  • Oversees the FSIO website.
  • Translations.

Head: Rolf Camenzind
Deputy: Harald Sohns


Chief spokesperson: Harald Sohns
Spokesperson: Elisabeth Hostettler
Spokesperson: Sabrina Gasser
Media contact: +41 58 462 77 11

Public relations

Head: Urs Keller, Tel. + 41 58 464 95 10 
Editor-in-chief "Social Security CHSS": Suzanne Schär
Projekt Leader: Mélanie Sauvain
Web Publisher: Darius Cap

Language Services

Head: vacant

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