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Swiss social insurance system: Sojourn in Switzerland and departure

The brochure shows the basic elements of the Swiss social insurance system in the Old-Age, Survivors’ and Disability Insurance scheme (OASI/DI, 1st pillar) and in the occupational benefit plans scheme (2nd pillar). It also provides practical instructions for the preparation of a definitive departure from Switzerland.

Switzerland’s old-age insurance system: A tried-and-tested system – in simple terms

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This brochure is designed to provide you with basic information on Switzerland's old-age insurance system. It focuses on the first pillar, OASI, and on the second, occupational pension insurance, but also provides a brief summary of the third pillar, voluntary private provision.

Switzerland’s invalidity insurance system: A tried-and-tested system – in simple terms


The present brochure provides basic information on invalidity benefits. It explains the goals behind the invalidity insurance system, describes how it works and shows which insurance provides which benefits.

Vested benefits: don’t forget your retirement assets!”

Sometimes people forget that they have vested benefits; this is especially true when foreign workers leave Switzerland definitively. The brochure explains what vested benefits are and sets out the various situations where action needs to be taken. It also provides information on where help can be obtained if someone suspects that they have due to them vested benefits they had forgotten about.

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Last modification 12.04.2022

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