Old Age Insurance


Old-age and survivors' insurance (OASI) is the cornerstone of the Swiss social insurance system. It grants pensions of two basic types: old age pensions to people of retirement age, and so called survivors' pensions to spouses or dependent children of a deceased insured person. Old-age pensions should enable their beneficiaries to retire with a considerable measure of financial autonomy. Survivors' pensions aim to ensure that families already burdened by the death of a close family member are spared financial hardship.

Switzerland’s old-age insurance system: A tried-and-tested system – in simple terms

This brochure is designed to provide you with basic information on Switzerland's old-age insurance system. It focuses on the first pillar, OASI, and on the second, occupational pension insurance, but also provides a brief summary of the third pillar, voluntary private provision.

Social Security Funds Act

From 2019 on, the Swiss Federal Social Security Funds AHV / AVS, IV / AI, EO / APG shall be administered by a public law institution established by the Confederation under the name ‘compenswiss (Ausgleichsfonds AHV/IV/EO)’ / ‘compenswiss (Fonds de compensation AVS/AI/APG)’ / ‘compenswiss (Fondi di compensazione AVS/AI/IPG)’ / ‘compenswiss (Fonds da cumpensaziun AVS/AI/UCG)’.

Research and evaluation

In department-led research, basis for the evaluation and development of policies, legislation and its implementation are drawn up.

Information for insured persons

The first line of contact for insured persons with questions about Swiss Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance, invalidity insurance, income compensation allowances, supplementary benefits and family allowances are the compensation funds and IV Offices:

We compiled a list of the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the following page:


History of social security

Dive into the history of social security in Switzerland.

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