Research and evaluation

The scientific bases for outline conditions, the situation with regard to demand, the implementation of regulations or benefits and the effects of socio-political tools are being examined as part of the sector-specific research carried out within the Swiss Federal Insurance Office (FSIO). Such background knowledge is important in relation to the form of the social security system. It is used by political bodies as a basis for socio-political decisions as well as by the FSIO for dealing with their daily tasks.

The FSIO normally mandates external scientific experts or institutions to carry out its scientific studies. The mandates are allotted through a tendering system. Current calls for tenders can be seen on the FSIO's website. The research projects are monitored by internal and external specialists. Final reports are published as part of the Contributions to Social Security series.

IV research programme (FoP-IV)

Since 2006, Invalidity Insurance has conducted multiannual research and evaluation programmes on invalidity and disability and on implementation of the Federal Law on Invalidity Insurance.


The WiSiER dataset (Wirtschaftliche Situation von Personen im Erwerbs- und Rentenalter) was created as a basis for analyses of the economic well-being of the working- and retirement-age population in Switzerland.

ARAMIS information system

Current and completed projects are listed in the federal research database ARAMIS.

Department-led research

Department-led research is research conducted by the Confederation, the results of which are required by the Federal Administration and federal politicians so that they can fulfil their tasks.

Materials on effectiveness checks/evaluations

The Federal Office of Justice provides a wide range of information about effectiveness checks on policy interventions.

SEVAL standards

The evaluation standards of the Swiss Evaluation Society (SEVAL) form the core principles for the quality assurance of evaluations.

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