New pensions statistics 2017 and partial update of the indicators on old-age provision - Large differences between women and men in the case of 2nd pillar benefits

Neuchâtel, 02.05.2019 - In 2017, approximately 43 000 persons obtained an old-age pension for the first time from the occupational pension fund (2nd pillar), while some 51 000 persons received a lump sum from their 2nd pillar retirement savings. Men received around twice as much as women in benefits from the 2nd pillar. Almost one in two new benefit recipients had not yet reached the legal age of retirement (44% of women and 46% of men). New pensions from occupational pension funds received prior to the legal retirement age were the highest for both women and men. These are the latest findings from the new pensions statistics of the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

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