AHV, Occupational Pension and Supplementary Benefits Domain

The Occupational Pension and Supplementary Benefits Domain works to ensure the stability of the old-age and survivors' insurance system. As new challenges emerge, it adapts the system accordingly. One of its core tasks is the preparation of legislation, particularly with regard to the revision of the Federal Law on Old-Age and Survivors' Insurance (AHV), the administration of justice, supervision of the AHV compensation funds and supplementary benefits offices and administration of AHV/IV recourse claims. In addition, it is responsible for developing occupational benefit plans, legislation and administration of justice in this area and managing the secretariat of the Federal Commission on Occupational Benefit Plans.

Head: Colette Nova


  • Inter-sectional projects
  • Political cross-section and resource business
  • Fundamental issues relating to corporate governance and supervision
  • Inter-sectional legal issues
  • Research projects and economic bases
  • Representation in AHV fund and substitute institution
  • Staff business
  • Assistant to Head of Division and Division Secretariat

Head: Valérie Werthmüller

AHV/IV/EO Contributions Section

  • The AHV/IV/EO Contributions Section is responsible for the management of contributions paid to the old-age and survivors' insurance (AHV), invalidity insurance (IV), loss-of-income (EO) and unemployment insurance (ALV) systems.
  • The thematic priorities of the AHV Funding Section include the questions relative to the affiliation compulsory at both national and international level, as well as to the determination of contribution status, the income on which compulsory contributions must be paid, and the calculation and collection of contributions.
  • The AHV Funding Section assists the Federal Council and Parliament with legislative matters and develops the necessary bases for decisions.
  • The AHV Funding Section issues compensation funds with directives and promotes the uniform application of legislation.
  • With regard to the administration of justice, the AHV Funding Section has the right to lodge appeals with the Federal Supreme Court; it can make remarks within the scope of proceedings which are already pending.
  • The AHV Funding Section also provides information and handles queries.

Head: Simon Blunier

AHV/EO/EL Benefits Section

  • Supervision: Issues directives and instructions to ensure the correct and uniform application of legislation by compensation offices and supplementary benefit implementing bodies.
  • Information and coordination: Helps to coordinate the activities of the various implementing bodies.
  • Administration of justice: Ensures the nationwide execution of relevant decisions issued by the Federal Supreme Court. It issues responses to appeals, and may exercise its right to appeal against a decision of a court of first instance through a complaint addressed to the Federal Supreme Court.
  • Legislation: Creates the bases required to change AHV, IV, EO and EL legislation and enacting decrees. It is also involved in the preparation of Federal Messages.

Head: Sibel Oezen

Supervision and Organization Section

  • Issues the auditors with instructions, assesses the auditors' reports and introduces any necessary measures to remedy observed shortcomings.
  • Supervises and authorizes the creation, merger and break-up of compensation funds, and issues instructions with regard to the organization of these funds.
  • Decides on the subsidies and compensation permitted under federal legislation that will be awarded to compensation funds.

Head: Olaf Wolfensberger

AHV/IV Recourse Section

  • Lodges AHV/IV recourse claims in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Coordination with Suva in common cases involving benefits that are subject to recourse.
  • Conducts civil lawsuits together with external lawyers against insurers providing civil responsibility cover or against the liable third party.
  • Controlling and assisting decentralized recourse services.
  • The income generated by such cases, of CHF 70 million (2016) will benefit the AHV/IV Fund.

Head: Peter Beck

Financing of Occupational Pension Section

  • Checks all aspects relating to the financing of provident institutions. As a considerable portion of the financing comes from capital income, the Section is responsible in particular for financial market analyses and investment strategies. The Section is also responsible for questions relating to restructuring.
  • Analyses and prepares the statutory parameters for occupational benefits (BVG minimum interest rate, BVG minimum conversion rate, actuarial interest rate).
  • Accounting: the Section is responsible - in the scope of the valid standards (e.g. FER/ARR 26) - for questions relating to the accounting treatment of provident institutions and employers.
  • Economic aspects: Analyses the socio-economic and business-related factors that affect the development of occupational benefits.
  • Further development of occupational benefits (financing of provident institutions of public entities, participation in the labour force of older insured persons, etc.).

Head: Silvia Basaglia

Legal Aspects of Occupational Benefit Pension

  • Develops and implements legislation  in the 2nd and 3rd pillars and other laws relating to occupational benefits (in particular BVG and ordinances, Federal Law on Vested Benefits in Occupational Benefit Plans concerning Old-age, Survivors and Invalidity and ordinances, Swiss Civil Code/Swiss Code of Obligations, etc.)
  • Involvement in revision-related work in other areas of social insurance (AHV, IV, UVG, etc.).
  • Business of the Federal Council and Parliament (parliamentary motions), prepares dossiers, drafts reports, tracks debates in the Federal Assembly and follows up work performed by the parliamentary commissions.
    Involved in experts commissions or interdepartmental commissions in the field of legislation.
  • Involvement in the work of the Federal Commission on Occupational Benefits and its sub-commissions.
  • Involved in the "Occupational Benefits" working group (Swiss Tax Conference)
    Involved in work relating to European and international legislation.
  • Checks appeals and rulings by courts of the first instance in the field of occupational benefits.
  • Drafts administrative court complaints, also relating to international law (courts of arbitration) and opinions for submission to the Swiss federal courts.
  • Edits notifications relating to occupational benefits.
  • Prepares documentary material for specific target groups and the general public with BSV information tools (information sheets, Internet, etc.).
  • Drafts legal opinions and replies to questions from citizens and institutions working in this field.

Head: Franziska Grob

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