Planning, Processes and Resources Domain

The Planning, Processes and Resources (PPR) domain is the service provision centre of the FSIO. The five PPR sections provide support to FSIO internal and external contacts and are in charge of cross-cutting commercial and logistics' activities. PPR is also responsible for organisational planning, process and project management, active resource management, ongoing personnel and organisational development, reporting to Parliament, and the provision of modern management instruments. PPR is ISO certified. 

Head: Luigi Stoppia

Personnel and Training Section 

  • Personnel management (personnel recruitment and fostering staff loyalty, advice and support of staff and management, provision of information on occupational benefits, etc.) 
  • Personnel development (advice and support, continuing education, long-term career development tools) 
  • Management of commercial apprentices and their instructors within the FSIO 
  • Organisational development: development and monitoring company culture activities

Head: Eric Levrat

Finance + Controlling Section

  • Budget and financial planning, year-end accounting
  • Contracts: checking contract material content, cost controlling and checklists
  • FSIO management information system (MIS); internal control system (ICS)
  • Financial management
  • WebCATS service time entry
  • Medium-term planning

Head: Marc Kuster

IT Operations Section 

  • Implementation of the in-house ICT strategy
  • Provision of 1st level support and oversight of change and release management activities
  • Monitoring and coordination of hardware and specialised application life cycles
  • Implementation of IT hardware and standard software projects
  • Maintenance of the IT resources used by FSIO and OPSC personnel
  • Evaluation and procurement of ICT infrastructure
  • Operational IT security and controlling
  • Represents the FSIO in specialised committees

Head: Bernard Züst

Information, Knowledge, Logistics Section 

  • Information Strategies Unit 
  • Document Management, Security and Logistics Unit 

Head: Markus Büschi

Information Strategies Unit 

  • Management of GEVER services
  • Process management 
  • Project management
  • Electronic workflows

Head: Manuel Walther

Document Management, Security and Logistics Unit 

  • Electronic records and process management
  • Personnel and building security
  • Media technology
  • Graphic and typographical services
  • Facility management
  • Mail, courier, transportation
  • Telephone switchboard, reception
  • Documentation
  • Knowledge management

Head: Anna Barilli

Language Section

  • Translation of texts into one or more languages
  • Proof-reading translations and checking various texts for quality and compliance with formal requirements
  • Terminology
  • Language consulting

Head: Lorenzo Lafranchi


Last modification 23.02.2024

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