Finances: Income compensation allowances / Maternity insurance

During the 1990s, APG expenditure dropped considerably but rose sharply between 2005 and 2006. This was largely due to the entry into force of the revised APG legislation mid-2005, which saw the introduction of maternity benefits as well as higher allowances for serving personnel. In 1997, capital reserves peaked at some CHF 5 billion. In 1998, CHF 2.2 billion and in 2003, CHF 1.5 billion were transferred to the AI scheme. The steep rise in expenditure since 2005 has led to shrinking capital reserves from 2006 onwards. At the end of 2010, capital had fallen below the legally permitted minimum. Thanks to the increase in the contribution rate to 0.5% (2011–2015) the surplus has stood between CHF 0.1 billion and CHF 0.2 billion after 2011.

Last modification 09.05.2018

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