Invalidity pension

An invalidity pension is awarded only after all feasible rehabilitation options have been explored.  The IV/AI pension rate varies according to the degree of invalidity.

A person whose degree of invalidity is at least 40% is entitled to 25% of a full IV/AI pension.  For degrees of invalidity in the 40–49% range, specific percentage rates apply.

The pension rate for individuals with a degree of invalidity in the 50–69% range corresponds exactly to their degree of invalidity (e.g. a person with a 50% degree of invalidity will receive 50% of a full IV/AI pension).

A person whose degree of invalidity is between 70% and 100% is entitled to a full IV/AI pension.

The eligibility requirements for an IV/AI pension are as follows:

  • the capacity to work or carry out everyday activities is not restored, maintained or improved by all reasonable rehabilitation measures;
  • the capacity to work has steadily fallen on average to 40% or less in the course of one year; 
  • the capacity to work has remained at 40% or less for more than one year.

For adults, entitlement to an IV pension falls due no earlier than six months after an application has been submitted to the IV; for minors, no earlier than the month following their 18th birthday.

Last modification 11.05.2022

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