Invalidity insurance benefits

The purpose of the invalidity insurance scheme (IV/AI) is to aid the rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals whose capacity to work or perform everyday tasks such as household chores is impaired due to congenital infirmity, illness or an accident. 

It provides appropriate, simple and targeted measures to prevent, reduce or remedy existing or impending invalidity. Entitlement to an invalidity pension begins only when (re-)integration in the workforce is not possible, or only partially possible. 

The IV/AI scheme operates according to the principle of 'rehabilitation before a pension'.The purpose of helplessness allowances and personal assistance allowances is to enable recipients to develop their individual autonomy and lead an independent life. 

IV/AI is a compulsory insurance scheme; contributions are deducted together with the compulsory AHV/AVS contributions.

Ongoing reforms have shifted the focus of the IV/AI scheme towards prevention, which has led to the introduction of a wider range of rehabilitation measures offered under the IV/AI. Central priorities are the closer supervision and case management of claimants with congenital infirmities; provision of targeted support for young people to facilitate their transition to work; and the expansion of advice and support services for individuals with mental health issues and illnesses.

The IV/AI will also seek more input from actors who play an important role in the rehabilitation process, i.e. employers and attending physicians, when assessing a person's claim. The aim here to maximise the impact of measures for specific target groups.

Last modification 11.05.2022

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