Providers of services for the disabled (Art. 74 InvIA)

Article 74 of the Invalidity Insurance Act (InvIA) stipulates that the IV may subsidise regional or national providers of services for the disabled. The aim of this financial assistance is to promote the social integration of the disabled and to ensure their self-determined and empowered participation in society. These subsidies are used to fund advice and care services, specialist, leisure and sports training courses, holiday camps, as well as information and public relations work.

The FSIO concludes four-year service agreements with private providers of services for the disabled. These agreements set out the content and quality of the services to be provided, as well as the amount of aid providers are to receive. Based on service data collected yearly, the FSIO carries out checks on whether the providers have supplied their services in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Around 70% of subsidies go towards covering activities which benefit the disabled or their family members directly, such as advice, care and training courses. The remaining funds are used to cover indirect services such as general groundwork, information provision and public relations activities.

Last modification 13.09.2019

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