Financial Support for Childcare

The Federal Law on Financial Support for Childcare came into force on 1 February 2003 and will run for 12 years. The credit engaged for the 12-year programme amounts to 440 million CHF in total. It is an incentive programme which seeks to create more childcare places which should help parents strike a better balance between their family and working lives. Funding is awarded to nurseries and after-school facilities which are either new or already exist but have significantly increased the number of places they offer. The federal subventions provided for this programme may be granted to private childcare institutions or public ones.

In introducing financial assistance from the Confederation the following objectives are targeted:

  • Improvement of conditions for combining family with career; Through the extension of childcare facilities, parents should have the option of exercising a profession or to pursue an education of further studies.
  • Stimulatory impact; The Confederation's financial assistance should trigger a stimulus to substantially improve the coverage of childcare facilities.
  • Financial sustainability; The infrastructure facilities created by the stimulus financing should be organised on a basis such that the institution can continue to exist beyond the conclusion of the Confederation 's financial support.


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