Occupational measures

'Rehabilitation before a pension', the guiding principle of the invalidity insurance scheme, is both the aim and the instrument. What this means in practice is that the IV/AI office must explore (re-)integration options before reviewing the pension eligibility of the insured.

The IV/AI scheme provides a range of measures and accompanying benefits to facilitate the integration of health-impaired individuals in the workforce: 

  • vocational guidance counselling
  • first-time vocational training
  • professional continuing education  
  • retraining  
  • work placements
  • work experience
  • temporary recruitment services
  • capital grants
  • reimbursement of daily benefits and travel costs. 

Article 18 para. 1 of the Invalidity Insurance Act stipulates that those insured who are unable to work but have integration potential are entitled to active help with finding suitable employment or remaining in their existing job.

When a placement is found, the person's new employer is entitled to claim an employee induction allowance for the duration of the onboarding process. The IV/AI may also compensate the employer for any increase in its contributions to the compulsory occupational pension scheme and daily sickness benefit insurance scheme resulting from the re-occurrence of the employee's incapacity to work.

Reintegration measures under Art. 8a InvIA

Reintegration measures can be introduced at any time to improve IV/AI pension recipients' capacity to work.  These are the same as measures for individuals who are not claiming an IV/AI pension. The insured and, where applicable, the employer are also entitled to counselling and support measures while the pension revision and reintegration measures are ongoing. These can be awarded for up to three years following the reduction or cancellation of the pension.

Last modification 11.05.2022

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